DISNOVATION.ORG is a working group based in Paris, initiated by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska. At the crossroads between contemporary art, research and hacking, the collective develops situations of disturbance, speculation, and debate, challenging the dominant ideology of technological innovation and stimulating the emergence of alternative narratives. They recently edited The Pirate Book, an anthology on media piracy. Their research includes artworks, curation and publications.

Their work has been presented at numerous venues and festivals internationally such as Centre Pompidou (Paris), Transmediale (Berlin), the Museum of Art and Design (New York), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), FILE (Sao Paulo), Strelka Institute (Moscow) and the Chaos Computer Congress (Hamburg)… Their work has been featured in Forbes, Vice, Wired, Motherboard, Libération, Die Zeit, Arte TV, Next Nature, Hyperallergic, Le Temps, Neural.it, Digicult, Gizmodo, Seattle Weekly, torrentfreak.com, and Filmmaker Magazine among others.

Nicolas Maigret [FR] (http://peripheriques.free.fr) is an artist, curator, and educator. He exposes the internal workings of media, through an exploration of their dysfunctions, limitations or failure thresholds which he develops into immersive, ambiguous and critical artworks. He initiated DISNOVATION.ORG, a working group which aims to disrupt, pervert, and complexify the narratives on technological innovation. He teaches at Parsons Paris and develops a research on technological “Black Boxes” with V2_ Rotterdam and UCL Louvain. With Maria Roszkowska he co-edited The Pirate Book, an anthology on media piracy.

Maria Roszkowska [PL] is an artist, designer and initiator of the DISNOVATION.ORG working group with Nicolas Maigret. From 2010 she conducted research with EnsadLab Paris, before joining Intégral Ruedi Baur, a cultural design studio based in Paris. She designed and coordinated « Don’t Brand My Public Space! », a 3 years research on the issue of cities applying branding strategies. In 2015 she edited The Pirate Book, an anthology on media piracy. She is a recipient of a 2018 Design Trust Grant (Honk Kong).