Duygu Gün

Corporate Partnerships & Development Lead

Duygu Gün (pronounced as doo-EE-goo GOON) is a Turkish-American arts professional, creative producer, musician, artist, filmmaker, and curator. She is dedicated to supporting the local arts community through institutional partnerships and fundraising. She has led corporate partnership programs at SFJAZZ and San Francisco Opera before joining Gray Area. She is passionate about fostering intercultural connections through the universal language of music and arts that transcends borders and forms.

In 2022, she co-founded Anatolian Arts Institute to build bridges among the Anatolian diaspora in the US and introduce Anatolian Arts and Culture through participatory workshops, performances, research, and educational activities celebrating the rich and diverse cultural heritage. She received an SFAC Artist Grant in 2023 for the ‘Balkancisco’ documentary about the vibrant Balkan Music Scene in the Bay Area as the creative producer, writer, and narrator. She performs with her guitar-accordion duo, Nakarat covering Mediterranean folk songs in Turkish, Ladino, Greek, Griko, and Italian in the Bay Area. Nakarat’s performances serve as a celebration of cultural diversity and a testament to the power of music to unite people across borders. In recognition of her cultural and artistic achievements, Duygu was awarded the TOYP – Turkey’s 10 Outstanding Young Persons’ Cultural Achievement in 2022, further solidifying her status as a trailblazer in the arts community.