Empathetic Media

Empathetic Media leverages cutting-edge technology to target the latest generation of story consumers. We believe that the combination of experiential, first-person storytelling approaches with virtual reality, 360 video, augmented reality and graphic journalism is the key to fostering empathy between storytellers and their subjects. We are a production studio specialized in developing custom storytelling and platform solutions for popular consumption of 3D immersive content. By combining editorial and technological expertise with a proprietary asset library, 3D scanning and story templates, we are able to produce high quality immersive experiences. From mobile to tablet to desktop to fully immersive virtual reality via the Oculus Quest mobile headset, we will tailor the solution to suit you and your audience’s needs. We’re familiar with all the software to make it happen: Unity, Mistika, Maya, After Effects to name only a few. Each of our team members was selected for their industry-leading performance in their respective field and we have a proven track record with the leading global news brands like Washington Post, Magnum Foundation, Associated Press and Fusion.