Erik van der Molen

Erik van der Molen is both a designer and artist. In 2004 he cofounded Office vs Office, a San Francisco boutique design shop providing a wide array of digital and branding services. Currently the sole owner of Office vs Office, Erik builds multi disciplinary teams to meet the demands of both small and large multifaceted projects for internationally recognized clients. At times Erik lends his expertise on a consultant basis when it’s necessary to work within an existing framework or organization, providing similar services such as CX/UX/design expertise, audit and redesign of proprietary in-house products, or validating the feasibility of bringing a new product or service to market, then providing a vision for its future.

While Erik’s work may at times blur the line between art and design, he keeps a strict boundary. Design serves a concrete purpose, while art stands on its own. Erik’s work is focused on exploring an interplay of light, color, and various materials in both static and time based mediums. In 2003 he began creating custom live video experiences and installations for music and other related events, and has been actively VJ’ing ever since. Erik has had the pleasure of working with various artists such as Bonobo’s 2013 world tour, as well as performing at large festivals such as Winter Music Conference and SXSW, and creating site specific installations, the most recent being Mutek SF, 2018. With 30+ Mac adapters, Erik is readied to team with whatever lonely projector awaits a dance the chance to bring a more immersive experience to the floor.