Experimental Housewife

Percussionist, DJ, sonic collage artist, and producer E.M. Malinowski has been playing and combining music for nearly twenty years. Serving formerly as a keyboardist and drummer for several projects and post-folk outfits ranging from Canadian act Man meets Bear to Danish artist Crystal Shipsss, it is safe to say that Experimental Housewife is a multifarious, engaged musician. When looking at her long DJ career, which began awkwardly young when she was 12-years-old, there is little room for counterargument in stating that ExHouse is a seasoned and well-informed selector. Her sound is loud, developmental, genre defiant, and tightly sewn. Her sets – whether hybrid, live, or DJ – are replete with rhythmic force smothered in nostalgic drone that seamlessly traverse expectations as well as eras; it is a complex canopy that spans and includes a variety of listeners. No matter who they are, they are left with an amount of satisfying shock.

ExHouse originally hails from Montana, USA. She lived in Berlin, Germany for several years circa 2010, and is a resident of San Francisco, U.S.A.