Fetz A/V

Fetz A/V is a live visual artist & VJ from the Bay Area California. They stepped out from behind the scenes of the music industry after 10+ years working major festivals (Coachella, EDC, Lighting In A Bottle etc), events, and managing venues to emerge and evolve into a live visual artist. Growing up alongside digital technology as the last of the analog generation, they embrace both the analog and digital tools. Their work is a fusion of these two contrasting worlds. As a hybrid analog and digital artist they blend retro video game hardware and analog video equipment with digital processing, and glitch aesthetics. They keep the analog soul alive, giving new life to “outdated” technology.

As of 2023 they live in San Francisco and are the house VJ at Public Works. They have performed at: DNA Lounge, Public Works, Grey Area, Soundwave Studios, Noisebridege, Burning Man, Renascence Festival 2022, POW (8bit SF), and MagWest 2022 & 2023.

Their goal is to elevate the art form and status of visual artists working behind the scenes to enhance the music and event experience.