GAZAEBAL is a sound artist based in Seoul. As one of the pioneers in the Korean electronic music scene, he has expanded his spectrum as a sound engineer, techno musician, DJ, K-POP producer, and media artist.

He began his career as a sound engineer in New York studios in the 1990s, working on recordings for artists like Wu-Tang Clan and Janet Jackson. He released his techno album “O.N.DA” in December 2000, followed by ANOTHER ONE in December 2002 and the digital single MULL released in the UK in 2004, which topped the UK techno chart in its first week.

In 2008, he formed the Tacit Group and transformed into a media artist. Tacit Group’s works, combining technology and art, have garnered global attention and are still actively engaged. In 2014, GAZAEBAL initiated the WeSA Festival to foster the ecosystem of the rugged domestic sound/audiovisual genre as the artistic director.

Starting his solo project as a sound artist again in 2022, GAZAEBAL is expanding his work through various media and methods, including performances, exhibitions, music, and NFT. His audiovisual work UN/Readable Sound, which expresses dense sounds through dystopian game visuals, was selected as this year’s new work by the Korea Arts and Culture Promotion Foundation.