Grayson Earle

Grayson Earle’s diverse technological practice is unified by a political approach to media arts. Employing video games, video projection, algorithmic audiovisual generation, biological organisms, and robotics, his work tends to intervene on physical spaces and entrenched ideas. His creative practice articulates a repositioning of resistance to power that invites participation from reluctant citizens.

Earle (b. 1987) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He teaches Emerging Media Technology at The New York City College of Technology. Previous to that, he taught as an adjunct at Hunter College, split between the Computer Science, Film and Media, Integrated Media Arts, and Studio Art MFA programs. This interdisciplinary posture is emblematic to his work as an artist, and is an approach he proselytizes in his courses on game programming, electronics, and generative art.

Recent displays of his work include SeoulArts in South Korea; Eastern Bloc and Centre Phi in Montreal; the Brooklyn Museum, Macy Gallery, and Babycastles in New York City; and the Media Arts Festival in Tokyo. He has presented research and given artist talks at The Whitney Museum of Art, Theorizing the Web, The Magnum Foundation, The Vera List Center, College Arts Association, and Open Engagement. He has published essays on the socioeconomic implications of the Cold War on abstract expressionism in the United States and Russia, critical applications of blockchain technology, and new methods for rhetorical approaches in video games.