Halim Madi

Halim Madi grew up in Lebanon, moved to France and Toronto for his studies and to London and Sao Paulo for work. Madi has lived in San Francisco for the last 8 years. He has majored in quantitative finance, machine learning and data mining and minored in philosophy (Sorbonne, University of Toronto). Over the last 10 years, Madi has worked as a product manager in the two companies they’ve started and the corporations he have worked for. He built and launched Fintech APIs in their businesses, VR interfaces at Meta and marketplaces at Stripe.

In the last decade, Madi has published 4 books of poetry and deepened their exploration of the intersection of poetry and technology. During the pandemic, he found solace in responding to scam texts with poetry. The project turned into a published book which he used to fine tune an LLM that replies to scams with his voice (https://www.oulipo.xyz/whomp.html).

On oulipo.xyz, Madi is exploring the playful spirit of the early web, integrating whimsical user interfaces into poetry. It’s a space where words and letters aren’t just static but part of an interactive dance, a personal exploration of how technology can enrich the poetic experience.