Hamill Industries

Hamill Industries is a creative studio based in Barcelona (Spain) composed of artists Anna Díaz and Pablo Barquín. The duo specializes in developing innovative projects based on experimentation, blending emerging and traditional techniques to create new formats of visual communication.

Since 2015, Hamill Industries has toured worldwide with Floating Points, creating their visual universe and generating immersive experiences, challenging synaesthetic questions about visual creation and perception of music.

They have presented their works at festivals and institutions such as SÓNAR Festival, ARS Electronica, 180 Strand (London), Semi-Permanent, Coachella, and the Barbican Museum in London.

They are currently in San Francisco collaborating on the creation of the ballet Mere Mortals by the San Francisco Ballet, under its new artistic director Tamara Rojo, and alongside choreographer Aszure Barton and the musician Floating Points; where they use their eye and creativity to bind together all the disciplines.