Hena Muttreja

Hena Muttreja is a San Francisco based interdisciplinary designer. Having grown up in Orlando, Florida, her backyard was the theme park capital of the world; her childhood was filled with entertainment design that sparked her curiosity and interest in creating experiences that transport the body and excite the mind. Her passions for the natural sciences and spatial design were fueled by her family’s professions and created thought patterns that remain on the search of convergence between science and art. She was able to further explore these disciplines, as well as develop new interests around culture, identity and technology by studying Communications and Speculative Design at UC San Diego. Currently she works at Pyarful to explore the intersection between South Asian and American identity by designing consumer goods in the form of stationary, homewares and gifts that represent cultural norms, icons & traditions highlighting the Asian diaspora. Trained in the healing arts, she practices the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle, but also utilizes these techniques to inspire and accentuate her designs and art works. She hopes to pursue a M.Architecture in the near future to further the practice by incorporating principles of her Indian identity and culture.