Moe Espinosa, co-founder of BL_K Noise and also known as Drumcell, is able to produce infinite movement with his Buchla and Eurorack systems as Hypoxia. After his celebrated and instantly sold-out EP ‘A Constant Preparation for Loss’,  Hypoxia debuted his  all hardware 2 hour live set at Berghain on New Year’s Day. Since its debut, the performance has toured to highly curated atmospheres from Brooklyn’s Greyscale Series at Output to pop-up concerts on the LA River.   Focusing on melodic arrangements and giant round bass, a Hypoxia set is a full sensory experience. Hypoxia is the alter-ego of Drumcell, one of North America’s most esoteric techno producers with recent releases out on DROID Recordings, Dystopian, and Tip Top Audio.