Iana Chugunova

Iana Chugunova is a multidisciplinary artist and educator with a passion for exploring the intersection of sound, technology, and community building. With a master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Moscow State University, she has a strong foundation in technical expertise. However, her artistic journey has led her to delve into the world of documentary filmmaking, contemporary art, and electronic music production.

While at blockchain.art, an early-stage startup, she gained valuable experience in the emerging field of blockchain technology and its potential for revolutionizing the art world. Her work has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Grand Prix at the Copenhagen Web Fest and Shawna Shea Film Festival for a short documentary.

Inspired by the teachings of the renowned composer and philosopher Pauline Oliveros, she has recently completed the Deep Listening Intensive. Combining her technical background, artistic skills, and passion for deep listening, she is now dedicated to bringing these practices into the metaverse.