Jamie Fenton

Jamie was a classic video game programmer and part of the Chicago computer graphics scene in the late 1970s and 1980s. One of her early artistic efforts was Digital TV Dinner, a pioneering example of glitch art. Along with Marc Canter and Mark Pierce, Jamie founded the multimedia tools company MacroMind and wrote their first music and animation programs for the Apple Macintosh. MacroMInd moved to San Francisco and changed its name to MacroMedia, setting up shop in the San Francisco SoMa district.

Jamie then did educational research and distributed computing research, eventually landing at SRI. Jamie then returned to multimedia software engineering, working for RCDb, TiVo, Amazon, and MyLikes. After MyLikes shut down, Jamie developed the Downrush project for the Synthstrom Deluge synth. Jamie continues to develop audio and video software. One side project involved adding a parameter mutation function to Olivia Jack’s Hydra project.