Joanna Cheung


Joanna Cheung (b. San Francisco) is a multi-media artist and designer.

I create physical and virtual spaces which produce existentialist experiences and breaks down hierarchical balance between architecture and occupants.

I create objects which subvert our understanding of the object and questions our sense of interaction and relationship.

Through my work, I explore creating the intangible qualities of perception, femininity, and existentialism into tangible products.

My creative practice is driven by ideas of virtuality and phenomenological reactions, mediated through tools such as rapid prototyping, open source hardware/software, and the internet.

I hold a Masters of Fine Arts degree from University of California, Los Angeles and a Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute.


PseudoCodeMom is the my process of digitally preserving my family and friends, represented in a series of code replicating my relational pattern with the other person. This project started out with my mom hence the title of this piece. But I have since documented my other family members and close friends.
Our interactions can be parsed into step by step instructions. By using the syntax structure of software, I re-create the predictability of our relationships using if-else statements, the recursive moodiness and the random illogical behaviours demonstrated by both, the other person and myself.