John Gage

As the former Chief Researcher and Vice President of the Science Office for Sun, John Gage led scientific, technical, and policy efforts around computing. During his tenure, he coined the phrase “the network is the computer” and hosted perhaps the world’s first-ever “hackathon” in 1999. He is the co-founder of NetDay, which provides internet access to schools, libraries, and clinics, and a long-time champion of using technology for social good. In 2008, John joined Kleiner Perkins as venture capitalist focusing on green investments. Today, John sits the board of NetDay and Schools Online, and has been internationally recognized for his work by President Clinton and the Kennedy School of Government, among many others. Gage attended the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Harvard Graduate School of Business. He received his undergraduate degree from the University California Berkeley, where also continued with his doctoral studies.