Flores ́s carrer extends beyond the past two decades in which he’s been instrumental in the development of Mexico ́s electronic scene as an artist, label owner or radio host to an obligatory reference when north america ́s techno resurgence the past 10 years is the subject matter. His credits include everything from releases in Droid, EDLX, CLR to performances at the Movement Festival, Berghain/Panorama Bar or Boiler Room but his extended sets from 5 to 7 hrs of live original material are what make him uncommon. The interaction between audience, Flores and his machines are the variables that provide every performance a unique result and developing the optimal interface to interact with his instruments has become as important as studio production. Since his relocation to Berlin, he ́s developed two projects paralleling his techno output: Belief Defect with Droid ́s own Drumcell with their debut album released under the seminal Raster imprint and I Murdered in partnership with Janice with their first EP released by Mord.