Madison Maxey

Hey, There. I’m Maddy.

I’m your instructor for this workshop! My company has built e-textile systems for household names like Google and Microsoft I’ve been featured by Forbes, WIRED and American Express.

My professional life has been spent fusing together design and technology and I know how tricky it can be to get started with hardware prototyping coming from a non-hardware background. That’s why I specifically designed this course around the needs of beginners to help overcome barriers for getting started with technical projects.

Even if you don’t have a background in tech, engineering, or electrics, you can get a solid foundationask for advice, and avoid costly mistakes (like setting your battery on fire—whoops!) in a friendly, judgement free environment.

Whether you want to take your career to the next level, or simply become a Woz-like tinkerer, I hope you’ll join us.