Marc Kate

A detour from his electronic post-punk/synthgaze solo project Never Knows, artist Marc Kate creates static experiments in synthesis that embody the opposite of New Age music. These static, spacious sounds, while haunting and etherial, are anything but spiritual. Instead, Kate’s music is visceral, material and deeply human.

Originally trained as a filmmaker and visual artist, San Francisco based producer and composer Marc Kate applies a cinematic and conceptual approach to music and audio production.

Faint outlines of melody and song are buried and burdened by an ocean of distortion, self-doubt and melancholy. In effect: a music that undermines itself. Each track is a calculated performance of cathartic release, pitting delicate gesture against brute force. For those familiar with Tim Hecker, Lawrence English or Rafael Anton Irisarri, Kate similarly creates a tension between serenity and dissonance, crossing vintage analog with laptop experimentation.

He most recently released “File #08”, his debut for San Francisco label Computer Tapes.