Marque Cornblatt

A Future Sports Manifesto

Games, play and sport have been around since the dawn of humans and have always been a reflection of time, place and culture. Future Sports are rooted in digital, virtual and immersive technologies, and connect with audiences on new, interactive platforms unimaginable just a few years ago. What defines a future sport and what does it say about our current culture?

Marque has created award-winning art and media for years, earning millions of social media followers and viewers. Marque’s kinetic art and short films have been exhibited at the SFMoMA, San Jose Museum of Art & The San Jose Tech Museum and he recently celebrated 25 years as an artist with a major East Coast retrospective. Often cited as a pioneering researcher in the field of telepresence robotics, Marque’s presented iSparky at TEDx San Francisco in 2011. His followup 2016 TEDx Hollywood presentation on flow state, brain chemistry and sports technology helped inspire multiple STEM programs and curricula. Marque helped launch the drone sports revolution in 2013 with his innovative use of experimental hardware, wireless video and social media, and is currently CEO of the Aerial Sports League, a global drone entertainment company. Marque recently founded the Museum of Future Sports, a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to technology, education, entertainment and culture.