Matthew Biederman

Matthew Biederman works across media and milieus, architectures and systems, communities and continents since 1990. He creates works where light, space, and sound reflect on the intricacies of perception. Since 2008 he is a co-founder of Arctic Perspective Initiative, with Marko Peljhan working on projects throughout the circumpolar region. Biederman was the recipient of the Bay Area Artist Award by New Langton Arts, First Place at Slovenia’s Break21. He has served as artist-in-residence at a variety of institutions and institutes, including the Iberian Nanosystems Laboratory, CMU’s CREATE lab, the Wave Farm and many more. His work has been featured at Lyon Bienniale, Istanbul Design Bienniale, The Tokyo Museum of Photography, ELEKTRA, MUTEK, Montreal Bienniale (CA), Bienniale of Digital Art (CA), SCAPE Bienniale (NZ) and the Moscow Biennale (RU), among many others.