Matthew Edwards

Matthew Edwards is a multidisciplinary artist melding installation art, music production, film, performance, and virtual reality. He has a long history working with the experimental artist community in Portland, OR as founder of the DIY performance venue, Xhurch (2010-2020). In 2014, Edwards entered the immersive technologies space and helped form Portland Immersive Media Group, a collective of digital artists and game designers eager to explore experiential art in both real and virtual environments.

After exhibiting along the West Coast the group were selected as finalists at Indiecade in 2016 for their project “VR Spa”. In 2017, he re-focused his efforts as a solo creator, billing as *aesthetic.stalemate*. Since then, he has produced interactive visuals and performed live with Visible Cloaks, Dolphin Midwives, Golden Retriever, S.E.C.R.E.T.S., Chloe Alexandra Thompson, Crystal Quartez, Brown Calculus, and others. With Thompsan, he recently released an interactive audio-visual album called Moiré (Sounds, et al, 2021).

He has exhibited work at Mutek Montreal, Rewire Festival, send + receive, Fusebox Festival, Time-Based Art Festival, and ONN/OF festival of lights. As an educator, he has taught immersive design at Open Signal, Portland State University, and Portland Community College, where he is currently Instructor of Virtual & Augmented Realities at PCC Cascade STEAM Spaces.