Ilya Polyakov aka DJ MOSF3T seriously got into DJing and electronic music production after his first trip to Burning Man in 2007. The participatory nature of the burner community made this creative outlet a no-brainer given that electronic music was simply an inseparable part of Ilya’s life already. Simply experiencing EDM was no longer enough – it must be created, it must be controlled. Being influenced early on by the music and club scene of 1990s NYC, moving through Toronto in the middle of the DnB peak, ending up at early 2000 psy-trance parties of the Bay Area, the influences reach far and wide. Seeing Jeff MIlls back at old Limelight in NYC or experiencing Shpongle under the stars of the Northern California mountains certainly had a lasting effect. To add to the mix, a professional background in engineering, hardware hacking, graphic design and a solid obsession with classic sci-fi.