Roxi Shohadaee

Creative Producer, Methodology Design

Roxi Shohadaee is the Creative Producer at Gray Area, producing the Decentralized Web Curriculum for Creators, the Criptech Metaverse Lab VR prototypes and other special projects. Roxi has been collaborating and partnering with Gray Area since 2012, including Urban Prototyping Festival, End of You and the Gray Area Festival. She is also the Executive Director, ARTchitect and Co-Founder of the Design Science Studio, a regenerative cultural incubator for artists founded to build capacity of the creative community to propel the design science (r)Evolution. She is also the Founder + CEO of habRitual: an experiential production, interdisciplinary design and immersive art studio creating for 100% of life. Roxi is a regenerative artivist, protopian futurist, ontological designer, experiential producer, transdisciplinary social sculptor and creative doula. She is a student of living systems, regenerative design and decolonial sustainability. She has over 17 years of experience working at the intersection of art, science, experience and technology. Her quest is to harness this intersectional approach to catalyze social and systemic change through inclusive, transdisciplinary collaborations for the regeneration of our planet and culture.