Ryan Smith

Musician -Producer - DJ - Label Manager

Ryan Smith is a musician and producer based in San Francisco. His ‘day job’ is playing guitar and synths in Caribou and in his spare time releases music and DJs under the name Taraval on Text Records and Hypercolour. He regularly DJs in California and in Europe including parties like Leisure System @ Berghain and the Hydra in London. He also manages JIAOLONG records with Dan Snaith and is the co-owner of Geej Recordings with Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys. He recently produced a collaborative performance of a 1973 graphics score by avant-garde composer Frank McCarty called Tactus Tempus, a controlled improvisational process for 9 audio visual performers released on Geej records. He also is also one half of live electronic duo Bathing. He produces using a mixture of electronic and live instrumentation and is an expert user of Ableton, modular synthesizers and sequencers.