Santiago Grau Torredemer

I was born in Barcelona, in the early 80s, around the emerging years of personal computing and video games. I was drawn very early to technology and its capacity to create artificial life forms by writing short pieces of code. The combination of this possibility to interact with non-human intelligence and the consequent machine visual expression led to my devotion to Art and Computer Science.

I use synthetic code languages as my only source of creation. Code provides me the potential to produce generative art by maximizing its numeric nature. My work employs mathematical principles, physic simulations, genetic algorithms, and artificial intelligence to encapsulate meaning in the form of machine-interpretable routines.

I regard coding as a form of transhumanistic poetry, a common ground between us and machines. Working on this intersectional space often drives me to question technology’s synthetic nature, its relation with humanity, and its role in the evolution of our species.