Scott Pagano

Scott Pagano creates image and sound works realized as recordings, installations, performances, and software. Driven by a keen interest in the byproducts of machine errors, graphic reworkings of architectural spaces, and breakdowns in communication systems, his work foregrounds both precision image reworking and malfunction fetishism. Pagano focuses on developing a type of  intense visual language that offers up an alternative perspective on the multitude of systems and interactions that continuously saturate the various strata of cultural perception.

His video works have been described as “experimental graphic narrative short films, evolutionary in their spatial, textural and color exploration.” As filmmaker, motion designer, and spatial reconstructionist, he creates moving image content utilizing shards of architecture, dysfunction, and futurism. He has worked with a wide range of notable musicians including BT, Christopher Willits, Funkstorung, Joan Jeanrenaud, Kid606, the Kronos Quartet, Twerk, Richard Devine, Flying Lotus, &  Skrillex .