Steven Piasecki

Venue Operations Manager

Steve Piasecki (stevepi) is an artist who finds inspiration in the landscapes that we inhabit and in the technology that we create. The impact of what humans make and how they alter their landscapes is a major theme of his work. He has been making and showing work at Gray Area since 2019. His work has also been seen at the Lone Star, Gays Hate Techno, Light.Wav, and Dada Bar.

With experiences from running small underground events to leading web development teams to helping run large global marketing campaigns, Steve has led a variety of teams and managed many different kinds of projects. As Venue Operations Manager, he brings all those experiences to Gray Area to help support the creative dreams that we bring into existence. Along the way, he has encountered almost every kind of situation, so he brings a unique perspective on how art, life, and a good party can come together to create community.