Toshi Anders Hoo

Toshi Anders Hoo is an award winning filmmaker, researcher, and creative technologist whose work has been featured around the world including the United Nations, TED, The Smithsonian, NASA and The Dubai Museum of the Future. Toshi worked with futurist Ray Kurzweil for a decade consulting and producing a variety of emerging technology projects and research. Toshi joined IFTF in 2016 as the Director of IFTF’s Emerging Media Lab leading up research and prototyping projects exploring the future of human communication, collaboration and connection, through the lens of emerging media technologies.Toshi studied at Mass College of Art and Design and was co-founder of the media arts collective Noise Laboratories. Toshi is an internationally recognized researcher, speaker and thought leader in forecasting both the applications and implications of emerging media technologies and the new relationships, power systems and mythologies that emerge with them.