Zachary Leong

Hello! I’m Zachary Leong. I’m 14 years old and currently attending my sophomore year in high school. When I can, I spend time either coding games, attempting Project Euler problems, rigging characters for my animation club, learning Javascript libraries, predicting the stock market with Python, editing videos for my YouTube channel, folding origami like the Ancient Dragon by Satoshi Kamiya and teaching simpler versions at a local non-profit, or teaching myself street magic like back palms and double lifts. While I have a range of hobbies, I find myself drawn to all aspects of animation. From clay sculpting and character rigging to UV mapping and rendering, learning animation gets me out of bed. While most of my hobbies relate to art, I’ve also taught myself Python, C#, and Arduino, published a game on simmer.io, and am in process of designing another. When outdoors, I play basketball (I played on our competitive middle school team and JV high school team until my five-foot frame caught up with me), hurdle (I made hall of fame at my school), soccer (currently on JV high school soccer team), street hockey and football.