Build Your Own Web-3D World

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Build Your Own Web-3D World

In this introductory workshop to A-Frame & 3D creation on the web, participants are encouraged to create virtual worlds that excite, encourage and invite surprising ecologies to grow. Alongside developing skills in HTML and 3D rendering, attendees will investigate how building community and relationships with ourselves and others offers the opportunity to craft soft spaces and possibilities of ongoingness in VR devices/3D websites.

Course Logistics

Date: Monday, October 18 & Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Time: 5-8PM PT

Cost: $160 for Live Online two-day workshop (6 hours total,) $80 for Audit Access.
We also offer Diversity Scholarships. Apply here.

Experience Level: 
Some programming experience in HTML is helpful–but not required. This workshop welcomes programming beginners and code explorers.

PC/Mac laptop or desktop, VS Code, Blender (not required to download but could be helpful), Firefox, Chrome or other up-to-date web browser

Workshop Outline

  • Introductions & world dreaming exercises
  • Basics of HTML & entity-component frameworks within A-Frame
  • Building scenes in A-Frame by:
    + transforming entities in 3D space with position, rotation & scale
    + adding an environment and textures
    + adding basic interactivity using animations and events
  • Open source resources and software for customizing 3D entities
  • Basics of using assets (images, video, audio) in your world
  • Connecting your world with users / sharing space ideation

Educational / Experiential Goals

This workshop’s educational goals are focused on promoting digital literacy, fun/joy in creating with code and cross-level collaborative learning experiences, and fostering multi-level courses where a community of learners/doers can benefit from each other’s ideas and knowledge bases. This workshop aims to introduce basics of HTML & 3D design that allows for world building agency to develop organically. Participants will leave the workshop understanding how to incorporate A-Frame and other 3D design skills into their art/creative practices–whether they are a painter, a coder or musician.

About Technologies

A-Frame is a web framework for building virtual reality (VR) experiences. A-Frame is based on top of HTML, making it simple to get started. But A-Frame is not just a 3D scene graph or a markup language; the core is a powerful entity-component framework that provides a declarative, extensible, and composable structure to three.js.

This workshop will also briefly introduce participants to TinkerCAD and Blender, open source 3D sculpting softwares.


coley mixan is a musician, public library educator, performance artist, radio DJ, and pastry/prairie enthusiast. They currently create work in Phoenix, AZ, thrusting through a multiverse of clues, hunches, and downright queer shenanigans.