Circuits from Scratch: Electronic prototyping for designers with e-textiles

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Circuits from Scratch: Electronic prototyping for designers with e-textiles

The LOOMIA Circuits from Scratch Workshop is an introductory program designed to give you firsthand experience making circuits with LOOMIA’s patented e-textile technology. You’ll walk away from this course with an understanding of how multidisciplinary ideas become a reality and what it takes to make wearable tech or other e-textile products.

Course Logistics

Workshop Price: $80
LOOMIA Prototyping 101 Pack: $280 – Purchase here.
This workshop requires a LOOMIA Prototyping 101 Pack in order to participate. The cost of the pack is not included in the tuition fee.

Experience Level:
Beginner to intermediate (hardware prototypers who are designers or engineers by trade)

Computer Requirements:
• A laptop with a USB port (or an adapter to a USB port) for the class.
• A laptop that can support the Processing and Arduino Software IDE.

Course Access:
Unlimited access to the full class recording and content is available to all enrolled students.

Course Goals

Merge Design and Technology
We all know that innovation happens between industries. Learn the tools needed to make innovative projects and prototypes a reality.

Gain an Edge as a Designer, Engineer, or Innovation Manager
Add tools to your toolbelt as a designer, engineer, or innovation manager. This program will give you a leg-up in your career.

Demystify Wearable Technology and E-Textiles
Not sure where to start when it comes to building a prototype? No problem! This course will get you hands-on and building with e-textile hardware in a beginner-friendly environment.

Course Outline

E-Textile Module: E-Textiles/ Wearables Deep Dive
• Deep dive into all things wearable technology and e-textiles (ex. 7-layer stack for e-textile fabrication, decoding the “hard-soft barrier”)
• Teardowns from existing products (insight into construction of products)

Prototyping Module 1: Working with Inputs
• Introduction to electronics prototyping (terminology and tools) and LOOMIA Packs & Parts
• IDE setup and trials (Arduino)
• Pressure sensor reading in Arduino (Data visualization in Processing for easy analysis)

Prototyping Module 2: Working with Outputs
• More advanced terminology and tools
• User Interface setup with Arduino, User interface and pressure sensor combination
• Q&A with students to help them build their future projects.

Prototyping Module 3: Integration
• Attaching your Prototyping Parts to textiles
• Discuss what it would take to turn them into real products (how technology gets integration into a final and productized form)

Here’s What You’ll Make!

 A Pressure Sensing & Data Visualization Circuit

This circuit shows you how to collect and visualize pressure data in the Arduino serial monitor. A perfect skill to have for wearables! We’ll learn about breadboards, alligator clips, and more in this module. 

A Heating & Color Changing Circuit

This circuit will introduce you to using batteries! It’s a more complex circuit than in module 1 and will show you how to use a transistor. This module teaches the foundation needed to make heated or color-changing products. 


Hey, There. I'm Maddy.
I'm your instructor for this workshop! My company has built e-textile systems for household names like Google and Microsoft I've been featured by Forbes, WIRED and American Express. My professional life has been spent fusing together design and technology and I know how tricky it can be to get started with hardware prototyping coming from a non-hardware background. That's why I specifically designed this course around the needs of beginners to help overcome barriers for getting started with technical projects. Even if you don't have a background in tech, engineering, or electrics, you can get a solid foundationask for advice, and avoid costly mistakes (like setting your battery on fire—whoops!) in a friendly, judgement free environment. Whether you want to take your career to the next level, or simply become a Woz-like tinkerer, I hope you'll join us.