Tell me about it: Craft your Life Story with AI Tools
– Gray Area Festival Workshop

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Tell me about it: Craft your Life Story with AI Tools
– Gray Area Festival Workshop

Telling one’s own story is a powerful tool to share their unique perspective on their culture, highlight the difference, or distill the common beliefs. It is also an introspective activity to understand oneself, boost confidence, and overcome trauma.

In this workshop, you will be given tools to help uncover and structure a story of your own. You will also be playing with AI powered visual storytelling tools to document and share your stories in a visually compelling way.

This workshop is part of the  Gray Area Festival 2023: Plural Prototypes and the C/Change Initiative.

Marking Gray Area’s 15th anniversary, this year’s Gray Area Festival highlights in-progress cultural experiments from our Creative Research and Development Labs, Cultural Incubator, and Education programs in collaboration with community and industry partners.

C/Change is a joint initiative by Goethe-Institut San Francisco and Gray Area, exploring ways emerging technologies can shape and support digital cultural exchange.

Course Logistics

Sunday October 22, 2023


Gray Area
2665 Mission Street
San Francisco

2pm – 4pm

$10 for a 2hr hands-on workshop

We also offer Diversity Scholarships, find out more and apply here

Experience level: Beginner

Course Requirements:
No prerequisites or prior knowledge is necessary. Bring your laptop with a modern web browser and wifi connection.

Course Outline

  • Introductions
  • Find the Story in You
  • Develop individual storylines
  • Build the visuals with AI tools
  • Story time!

Education Goals

We hail from diverse backgrounds. Despite our differences, the emotions within our stories are universally shared. Utilizing our web-based AI storytelling tool, we aid individuals in discovering their unique stories and sharing their experiences with the workshop and beyond.


We use a custom built web-based storytelling tool. No prior experience is needed.

About the Project

Dragon’s Delusion

We are building an AI tool to create a sequel to the Asian Futurism animation, Dragon’s Delusion. AI represents a collective state of cognition of our consciousness and memory, yet its behavior surprises us. Many probabilities co-exist in AI’s perception of the world. What could that mean in narrative? What if an animation is a living breathing organism of many contributors? What if instead of one central narrative dictating the story, many responses coexist, leaving it to the viewer to reflect, contribute, and select? These meditations require a new kind of storytelling tool. Our goal is to build this tool and make it publicly accessible to a broad audience, so individuals can tell their own stories, culture, and humaneness.


Cheng Xu is an artist and researcher based in San Francisco. She believes in people’s fundamental desire to express themselves, and builds artifacts and experiences to facilitate creative expression and critical introspection. Her work was exhibited internationally and covered by media including BBC click, core 77 and MSNBC. She received a MS on human robot interaction from Yale University and a MFA on interactive art from Carnegie Mellon University.

Kongkee, animation director and visual artist, Co-Founder of studio Penguin Lab since 2008. In 2016, he started his sci-fi story, “Dragon’s Delusion”, three awarded short animations. In 2022 Nov, his solo exhibition “Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk”, which curated by Abby Chen in the Asian Art Museum (San Francisco), created an intellectual impact on the topic Asian Futurism.

Lawman, (a.k.a. Law Man Lok) artist / curator / script writer. Law starts as a painter and finally becomes a conceptual artist who is interested in images. He concerns glocalization, as well as decolonization ideas. Worth mentioned projects: community art space – Wooferten (co-founding member, 2009); animations: “Howl the Mobile Fatty” (2013) & “Saveur Térébenthine” (2014) (author); “The ABCs of Law” (artist, 2017); “Spacetime Scavenger” (author, 2019 – now); “Kongkee: Warring States Cyberpunk” (artwork manager, 2023).

Hanjun Dai is a senior research scientist and research manager at Google Brain. He obtained his PhD from Georgia Tech. His research focuses on efficient generative modeling for text, image and structured data, and the corresponding algorithms in sampling and optimization. His work has been recognized by Google Research tech impact award, AISTATS best student paper, and best workshop papers in NeurIPS. He served as the Area Chair in top-tier conferences including AAAI, ICML, NeurIPS.

Yixin Wang (she/her) is an AI Researcher in Sunnyvale, CA.