Live Performance for Modular Synthesizers Workshop

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Live Performance for Modular Synthesizers Workshop

This hands-on online course welcomes everyone who is interested in modular synthesizers and wants to learn more about the instrument in the context of live performance.

In the first part of this three-day course, we will be looking at the components of a synthesizer and the main forms of synthesis. In the practical part of the course, we will perform together using VCV Rack or web-based synths and have a closer look to various methods for improvisation and composition.

Course Logistics

Saturday, March 26 + Sunday, March 27 + Saturday, April 2, 2022

11AM-2PM PT, +1h Jam Session on Saturday, April 2, 2PM-3PM PT 

$360 for Live Online three-day workshop, $180 for Audit Access.
We also offer Diversity Scholarships. Apply here.

Experience Level:
Beginner to Advanced: Basic knowledge of the software VCV Rack or operation of a synthesizer is useful but not necessary

• PC/Mac Laptop
• Headphones
• Install VCV Rack prior to arriving to workshop. Download here.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to synthesizing sounds
  • Input: Improvisation, composition strategies
  • Exploration of the free software VCV Rack, web-based synthesizers
  • Own DAW VST can be used if available
  • Online Jam session, Saturday, April 2, 2PM-3PM PT

Educational Experiential Goals 

New experiences in online interplay and improvisation with web-based and software synthesizers.

About Technologies

This workshop focuses on compositional strategies and approaches to improvisation with digital synthesizers. We will use VCV rack and other web-based synthesizers and perform online.

VCV Rack is a free open-source virtual modular synthesizer that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. Multiple modules can be connected to synthesize a sound. By default the software contains several VCOs, LFOs, mixers, and other standard synthesizer modules, however more can be added as plugins through the VCV Rack website.


Annie Aries (b. 1988 in Bern, Switzerland) is a composer and musician based in Bern, Switzerland. In the world of modular synthesizers and patch cords, Annie explores, performs and composes music and opens up sonic spaces between electronica and experimental sounds. In her works, she creates minimalistic sound textures and recurring rhythmic patterns that organically interweave, distance and disappear. With her bands Aries Zaes, Volca Massaker Orchester and Berg & Berg she regularly tours in Europe. For her artistic work, she received an honorary mention by the Giga-Hertz Award 2020 as well as a large production grant by the City of Bern for 2021.