Sónar+D, .NewArt{foundation}, and AV Club presents
Slowly Fading into Data

Join us on December 21 for a unique audiovisual experience, featuring the experimental interactive storytelling performance "Slowly Fading into Data," alongside the flash installation of two artworks by Barcelona-based digital artist and researcher Albert.DATA.

Learn more about the December 20 Albert.DATA Artist Talk here.

Albert.DATA: Slowly Fading Into Data
audiovisual performance

with Dan Gorelick,CHOW, haute.rod, and Roziht Eve.

Thursday, December 21, 2023
7:00pm - 10:00pm

Sliding Scale Admission: $10 - $25

All ages

Seated Program

Strobe warning for artwork: Vestibular and CHOW's performance

View our FAQ page for more info, or contact us at [email protected] with any accommodation requests.

Gray Area, AV Club, Sónar+D and .NewArt {foundation} are pleased to welcome artist Albert.DATA to San Francisco for a two-day only takeover of the Grand Theater!

This two day program comes to Gray Area at a critical time when artificial intelligence technologies have been deployed across industries to impact audience perception. With such powerful tools at the disposal of corporations, governments, and citizens, the relationship between who we are, our data, and how sensory technologies impact our bodies has never been more important.

Albert.DATA Slowly Fading into Data Performance
Thursday, December 21 - 7PM

Albert.DATA delivers their latest performance, an epic show titled Slowly Fading into Data, which tells a contemplative story of a human, slowly mutating into data. Taking the viewer along a transformative journey about the meaning of being human, the performance pushes at the boundaries of perception, existence, and identity in the modern age.

Albert.DATA Artist Talk
Wednesday, December 20 - 7PM

To kick-off this special two-day program, Albert.DATA delivers the artist talk On disembodiment, extended cognition, hybrid beings & synthetic identities. Join us to hear from the artist about their practice exploring the dynamic interoperation of mechanical and biological systems.

Exhibited Artworks

Installed throughout the two days are two works from the artist’s oeuvre:

VESTIBULAR_1 is an immersive audio-visual installation that induces illusory sensations of motion. In complete darkness, the work displays specific patterns—configurations of light and sound stimuli that persist in the retina and in the auditory system even after they’ve been switched off. Normally, the brain takes in external stimuli, and outputs sensory signals to the body for self-motion; these help us to make sense of and move through our world. However, conflicts between sensory modalities can occur when stimuli carry purposefully discrepant information.

ARCADE SFID is a physical installation of the Slowly Fading Into Data performance with hardware. Placed in custom vintage arcade game housing, the work offers a choose your own adventure, interactive version of DATA’s story in which a human becomes data.

An interactive, immersive piece "Lived Time" by Incubator Member Sean Russell Hallowell (isorhythmics), will be on view in the Gray Area Gallery during the event.



Albert.DATA is the new artistic identity of Albert Barque-Duran (1989). Albert is an artist and a researcher in Creative Technologies and Digital Art, currently based in Barcelona. Albert, the human one, earned a PhD and a Postdoc in Cognitive Science from the Centre for Mathematical Neuroscience at City, University of London (UK) and have been a Visiting Postgraduate Researcher at Harvard University (USA) and University of Oxford (UK). Albert’s artistic research focuses on: (1) human-algorithm interactions during artistic and creative processes; (2) perception and aesthetics under sensory conflicts; and (3) the transformation of our artistic cognitive practices in virtual contexts, where the process of cognition is mediated by digital artifacts. They have exhibited and performed at the most significant and international new media art, electronic, experimental festivals, contemporary art museums and biennales such as Sónar+D (Barcelona, Spain), Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria), ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), Ming Contemporary Art Museum (Shanghai, China), V_2 Lab for the Unstable Media (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Daejeon Museum of Art (Daejon, South Korea), ISEA International, Museum Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki, Greece), and many more. Recently, they have been short-listed for the ‘FUTURES’ category of the LUMEN Prize Award 2023, and received the ‘Re: Humanism’ & ‘Romaeuropa Digitalive’ Prize 2023. Albert was also awarded with the Artist Residency at Sonar+D x Factory Berlin in 2020 and received an award from "We Are Europe" (Creative Europe Programme of the European Union), which endowed him as one of the 64 young "Culture Activists" in Europe in 2019.


Dan Gorelick is a musician, creative technologist, and organizer who is based in the Bay Area and has a presence in Brooklyn and Berlin. Dan creates live audiovisual performances, blending his classical cello experience with the practice of live-coding: creating music with code. He explores what is uniquely possible when combining the acoustic and electronic practices to create live expressive and improvisational works.


CHOW is an artist using light to explore non-narrative forms. He views light as an expressive medium which can be redirected, shaped, and sequenced using existing or newly invented luminaries. Through the coordination of light in time, CHOW creates immersive live performances influenced by early experimental film in various environments and contexts.

Roziht Eve

Roziht Eve is a Taiwanese American artist based in San Francisco. She is a multi-instrumentalist, improv enthusiast, vocalist, media composer, music producer, session musician, and music educator. Recently, she completed her master's degree in Technology Applied Composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.   Roziht is an active performing artist in the Bay Area. She was a performer and composer for the Auerglass Organ Program at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where the Auerglass organ, created by Tauba Auerbach and musician Cameron Mesirow, took center stage. She also participated as one of the performers in Marcos Balter's "Pan" at the San Francisco Symphony's SoundBox. Her most recent performance was at the San Francisco Electronic Festival and Robot Heart Residency 2023.   She enjoys her explorations of genre-bending compositions and improvisation influenced by sacred chants, Bach, Chopin nocturnes, Debussy, jazz, Enya, and EDM.


haute.rod is an algorave visualist based in SF, focused on live creation of complex scenes featuring organic forms and layered feedback that are even pleasant to look at sometimes


Sean Russell Hallowell (isorhythmics) is a composer and video artist from San Francisco. His time-based art synthesizes experimental techniques developed from hand-built circuitry with a cosmological perspective on music’s origins in number and time. Concert works and installations of his have been showcased at festivals and galleries across the US as well as in Mexico, Chile, South Korea, the UK, Belgium, Croatia, and Iceland.


.NewArt {foundation}

The .NewArt { foundation;} is based in Reus, Catalonia. Its ambition is to help the artistic community develop new technological, scientific, conceptual, and social practices. The foundation disseminates art at the intersection and transgression of science and technology as a strategy for social development and empowerment. It acts not just as a witness, but as an active agent. One of its main challenges consists in the development, conservation, and preservation of an artistic legacy linked to science and technology, within the framework of the .NewArt { collection;}. This project will be brought further by the creation of a new Art Center in the city of Reus.


Sónar+D is the international meeting of art, science, and digital culture hosted by Sónar during the festival, exploring how creativity changes the present and imagines new futures. Since 2013, this anti-disciplinary event has brought together leading artists, technologists, creatives, musicians, designers, thinkers, scientists, and entrepreneurs in Barcelona for a carefully curated programme of talks, masterclasses and groundbreaking performances, with a focus on inspiration and networking.

AV Club

AV Club is a San Francisco based algorave artist collective focused on live performance where technology itself is the instrument. We use samplers, sequencers, livecode environments, modular synths, feedback loops, generative art, microscopes, & more to make sights and sounds you haven't encountered before but will want to experience again.

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