Art Hack SF: Lethal Software Hackathon

Note: you must register for this event! We are capping the attendee list at 50, so please do not be offended if you are on the wait list.

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We are thrilled to collaborate with Art Hack Day, an event dedicated to cracking open the process of art-making.

Between December 13-15, 50 creative technologists will inhabit GAFFTA to create artworks around the curated theme of ‘Lethal Software’ which will then be exhibited to the public on Saturday 15th December. Previous Art Hacks have launched a guerilla art exhibition in a Brooklyn Warehouse and a feature length 3-D documentary on Creative Code, so we are naturally excited to see what happens this year!

Tune in to @arthackday for surprises leading up to the hack.


Software now has a license to kill, as advances in computing have made drones and other weapon systems autonomous. This development was long presaged by popular culture (Hal, Robocop, Terminator).

Fortunately, most of us don’t have to write this software (or suffer from it) although we interact daily with software that is lethal in other respects.There is software that prevents other software from executing (spam vs. anti-spam, surveillance vs. sousveillance) and there is software that shields us from the influence of fellow humans (e.g., Google’s auto-complete algorithm).

Preliminary schedule:

Thursday 7pm: Participants will meet up to discuss ideas, check out the exhibition space, form teams and start hacking
Friday day: Stick around and hack during the day!
Friday 7pm: 24h countdown to the exhibit.
Saturday 7pm: Flash exhibit of art works, open to the public (RSVP here)
Saturday late: Party with DJ’s Kit Clayton, Holly Herndon and Mark Slee.