CAAM presents CAAMFest35, celebrating 35 years of Asian American film, music, and food, March 9th through the 19th in San Francisco and Oakland.

CAAMFest offers a diverse showcase of over 100 narratives, documentaries, and special events, featuring emerging and veteran filmmakers from around the world. Join us for the following CAAMFest35 programs at Gray Area! And view the full Festival program here.

Directions in Sound w/ Kollaboration SF
9:30 pm, March 10, 2017
General - $20.00

Crowd favorite Directions in Sound joins forces with Kollaboration SF to bring Asian American hip-hop and rock beats from Los Angeles all the way to the Mariana Achipelago. Hosted by Wild 94.9’s Julian Lee.

Who Killed Vincent Chin?
March 11, 2017, 1:00 pm
General - $14.00
Student/Senior/Disabled - $13.00

In 1982, Vincent Chin was beaten to death with a baseball bat by two white men in Detroit. Chin’s killers were convicted in his death and on federal charges of violating his civil rights but never served a day in prison.The documentary explores the outcry from the Asian American community that the case generated as well as the flaws in the justice system.

Lucky Chow
4:00 pm, March 11, 2017
General - $14.00
Student/Senior/Disabled - $13.00

PBS series LUCKY CHOW returns with an all-new season exploring Asian culture and cuisine across America. Indulge in a feast of Bay Area highlights from a few episodes with host and LUCKY RICE founder Danielle Chang. Featuring renowned chefs, culinary stars and breakout food-crafters, LUCKY CHOW will satisfy your cravings.

7:00 pm, March 11, 2017
General - $14.00
Student/Senior/Disabled - $13.00

Dance, memory, music, and poetry collide in a visual and aural landscape. Inspired by the life of Bessie M. Lee, LIGHT paints a powerful and intimate portrait of an early 20th century migrant who spent two years in servitude and was vital in grounding New York’s Chinatown community.

Rabbit in the Moon
2:00 pm, March 12, 2017
General - $14.00
Student/Senior/Disabled - $13.00

Peel back the long-silent veneer covering the internment of Japanese Americans and witness an intimately complex and tense history in RABBIT IN THE MOON. Emiko Omori’s award-winning film explores her own childhood experiences within the camps and the political tensions between generations living there.

Mixed Match
4:30 pm, March 12, 2017
General - $14.00
Student/Senior/Disabled - $13.00

Finding a bone marrow donor match is seemingly impossible for individuals with multiracial heritage. In the eye-opening documentary, MIXED MATCH, award-winning filmmaker, Jeff Chiba Stearns follows individuals through their unique journeys as they explore the role that mixed ancestry plays in medical care.

The Fall of the I-Hotel
7:20 pm, March 12, 2017
General - $14.00
Student/Senior/Disabled - $13.00

Forcible evictions devastated a manong community after the International Hotel was demolished in 1981, marking the destruction of the last block of San Francisco’s Manilatown. Narrated by late poet Al Robles, THE FALL OF THE I-HOTEL tells the story of 50 old-timers displaced by 300 cops in the dead of night and the overall impacts of urban renewal.



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