Christian Löffler Live

Gray Area and Modular present Christian Löffler Live

Opening sets by Modular DJs


After the release of his highly anticipated album, Graal (Prologue), German deep-house producer Christian Löffler graces San Francisco at the historic Grand Theater for a live set.

Christian Löffler’s newest album employs his signature melancholic sound and continues to draw on the importance of his physical surroundings as inspiration. Named after the town he resides in, Graal (Prologue), contains music that was created in a period where Löffler was constantly away on tour - sketches of melodies written on the road. The resulting six tracks on the album have a minimal and focused feel, and are also accompanied by Christian Löffler’s own art; a series of hand-drawn monochromatic sketches that served as inspiration for the music.


Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler is a German based techno and electronica musician, well known for his live performances. He is co-founder of the Cologne independent label Ki Records. Löffler’s artistic works have been described as “introspective pop… a classic contemplative house.” His passion for art causes him to design some of his own album covers and music videos. Löffler seeks to project melancholy and euphoria through the warm sincerity of acoustic color. In the course of the production of EP’s like “Heights”, “Raise” and “Aspen”, Loeffler developed some strategies to use acoustic material and singing in his music. Amongst others he samples different stringed instruments, percussion and atmospheres. He continues working with the recordings on the computer, combining, layering and alternating them. The extraordinary capacities of this young producer have kept eyes and ears closely following the fresh talent as Loeffler’s deep moving melancholic sound, is absolutely irresistible.



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