Fall 2014 Immersive Showcase

Join us for a showcase of work from our 2014 Fall Creative Code Immersive.  Participants from Immersive will be presenting and showcasing work based on the skills they developed over the 10-week program. The Immersive was led by Gray Area’s Education Director Matt Ganucheau and instructors Colt Steele, Gabriel Dunne, Shirley Wu, Mark Hellar, Cullen Miller and Neal Riley. With teaching assistance from Noura Howell and Abla Hamilton.

NEW Works being shown include:

The Time Temple by Phillip Fillastre
The Time Temple installation was a collaboration between Willa Koerner, Steve Dudeck, and myself. I created the Rose Window’s mirrored third iteration for the New Years Eve event at Gray Area. The floating columns were created to bring a large structural element to the space and drive the feeling of being inside a temple and to emphasize the enormity of the venue. Steve’s TRIANGLES, oriented into hourglass shapes, and Willa’s video projections, suggesting space/time travel, completed the theme.

The Fortune Teller by Steve Dudek
Come get your future read and illuminated at The Fortune Teller. Leave a fortune, receive a fortune. Results 100% accurate.

REAL UNREAL by Willa Köerner
In REAL UNREAL, virtual and experienced reality converge in six projected animations with the intention of blurring the notion of what we perceive to be “real.” Each video features a monolith composed of footage and textures copied from IRL and digital paintings, NASA footage (both filmed and CGI), and recordings of the natural and built environment.

Within the Jellyfish by Katherine Yiu
Jellyfish are one of the most beautiful, yet deadliest creatures on earth. They come in an infinite set of colors, shapes, and sizes. In this piece, we experience the fantasy of seeing the world from within the jellyfish.

Box of Wonders by Tyler Prete & Brittany Ferrero
We delight in the whimsical and unexpected. The Box of Wonders is our attempt at bringing this to life. Is it a toy, an instrument, or an oddity? You decide.

The Ripple by Rakhi Parekh & Wesley Haines
The Ripple is a meditative poem created by the heartbeats of the participants. It’s an artistic expression of the elemental experience of life.

Codeoptera by Julia Janicki
The order Coleoptera is the order beetles. This project includes two parts, the Beetle Anatomy Atlas which is a beetle sculpture connected to processing, and a D3 California Beetle Map, an interactive choropleth map of the three primitive suborders of beetles in California.

Same logistics as always, $5-$20 donation-based entry to support Gray Area’s programming.