deepchord, fluxion & bvdub live

Gray Area is thrilled to host the world premiere of “Transformations”, a new collaborative improv project from these two internationally renowned dub techno producers. The idea came out of improvisational jam sessions between the two artists. The critically acclaimed bvdub joins the bill, a San Francisco native and globally celebrated producer.

A one-of-a-kind night of music, not to be missed. Capacity is limited. 21+. Doors are at 9:00pm.



Deepchord (Rod Modell) is an electronic music producer from Port Huron, Michigan. He worked with Mike Schommer to produce music under the Deepchord moniker as well as create a similarly named record label; however, currently the artist name of "Deepchord" represents only Modell. The musical style of Deepchord is similar to both the minimal Berlin sound of artists like Basic Channel and the techno tradition of Detroit. Modell might be best known for his collaboration with Stephen Hitchell (Soultek) as Echospace. In 2007, they released the album The Coldest Season on the record label Modern Love. Modell has also performed live with Hitchell as Echospace. Modell has also collaborated with fellow Detroit native Mike Huckaby.


Fluxion is a project by K. Soublis who has been releasing his productions since 1998. His current work is Vibrant Forms III, the latest part of a trilogy that commenced in the year 2000. On this album, his 8th in total, he seeks to reconnect with the liberal attitudes and experimentation of the likes of Steve Reich and Philip Glass that paradoxically have given structure to much of today’s rigid club sounds. Through his current output and performances he aims to show that electronic music can be a constantly evolving collage of moods and textures and give this structure only through his over 20 years of experience in electronic composition. Fluxion today aims to embracing spontaneity, giving space for non perfection and letting go of control.


Bvdub is an American electronic music producer originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2007 he has released more than 40 albums and EPs under this name and other pseudonyms including his birth name, Brock Van Wey. He produces ambient and ambient techno music that has received critical acclaim from the likes of online magazines Resident Advisor, Headphone Commute and Gridface. His first release as Brock Van Wey, White Clouds Drift On And On, was included in RA's Top 20 Albums of 2009.


DJ CZ (aka Chris Zaldua) is a writer, event producer, DJ, and all-around music obsessive based in San Francisco, CA. CZ co-founded the SURFACE TENSION event series and in 2016 launched a record label with his Surface Tension partner Nihar Bhatt called LEFT HAND PATH, focusing on the liminal, the interstitial, and the in-between.

Zoey Vero

Zoey Vero is a visual and installation artist with a background of a B.A in Architecture from UC Berkeley. Their current creative practice explores structures and systems, chaotic behaviors, glitches, and sexuality and gender. Immersive and visual environments have become a platform for them to share their artwork and experiment with different concepts ranging from material in motion graphics, photography and video art to generative and interactive art and sound. Zoey has performed and displayed works around the world in countries such as China, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland, and has also been involved in international festivals and galleries such as the Mapping Festival, Live Performers Meeting, and NGBK Berlin. Right now, they are primarily involved with personal projects and freelance work, but are always looking for new inspiration, collaboration, and other creative projects. Teacher Assistant.