Discover SF: Tourism Hackathon


What are the ways location aware data and technologies can be used to make it easy and exciting to discover the places, people, events, and history of San Francisco? How can we mash-up spatial data on San Francisco landmarks, parks, trails, restaurants, and retail stores with temporal data on local events, transit times, and weather conditions to allow people to explore the city in ways they never have before?

The Discover SF Challenge brings community stakeholders and the best developers, designers, and entrepreneurial business minds together with an amazing array of location-based data sources to solve some of San Francisco’s neighborhood exploration challenges. Are you a talented developer, keen designer, or shrewd business mind that has the creative ideas and innovative spirit to tackle the challenges of urban discovery? Let’s design the future of urban exploration together.

Join us at the Discover SF Challenge,The event begins the evening of April 19th at Airbnb‘s Headquarters. Learn about the challenges of neighborhood exploration, discover your resources, and begin imagining solutions. Then return early Saturday morning to form teams and dive into a full day of prototyping. You will have the opportunity to develop location-aware apps with Esri‘s new geotrigger platform (previously Geoloqi). In addition, you will have access to an array of neighborhood and tourism experts to provide strategic guidance. The event will conclude with a judging ceremony that will award prizes for the best prototypes.


Friday April 19th:
Please plan to arrive promptly at 7:30PM this Friday and stay through 11:30PM for team formation. We will have light food and refreshments available but do try to eat something so you can stay through to ideate and form teams.
7:30PM: Registration
8:00PM Discover SF context, Speakers/Panelists
8:45PM: Team Formation and Idea Pitching
10:00PM: Hacking
11:30PM: Doors Closed

Saturday April 20th:
Please plan to arrive early for breakfast to hear from our data providers to give you some technical advice on how to complete your project idea. Lunch will be provided mid-day and your team will be required to submit your final project on the Discover SF Hacker League site by 5PM to present to the jury.
8:00AM: Breakfast
8:30AM: Data Provider Presentations
9:00AM: Hacking
12:00PM: Lunch
1:00PM: Hacking
5:00PM: Projects submitted and Demos Begin
5:30PM: Demos Begin
7:00PM: Winners Announced
7:30PM: Doors Closed

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