Diversity Beyond Lip Service: Inclusion by Design

Lately "diversity" seems to be the word on everyone's lips. But what is diversity without inclusion? The Bay Area has a legacy of being a culturally rich region often looked upon as a model of equity and innovation. But those of us who live here can attest to the inequities and lack of inclusion that is rapidly shaping the Bay Area's landscape and workforces. Join us for a dynamic evening with designers, community leaders, and policy makers practicing Inclusive Design and engagement, working to create a more inclusive Bay Area.

The panel will be preceded and followed by an immersive market of stories, services and local designer goods titled City Within a City. This exhibit serves to highlight the best of the Bay Area and it's people!

Anna Muessig - Project Manager W/ Gehl Studio

Chris Iglesias - Chief Executive Officer W/ Unity Council

Clair Farley - Senior Advisor, Trans Initiatives at the City and County of San Francisco

Rosa Sheng - AIA President, Founder of Equity be Design, Principal & Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion w/ Smith Group

Tamyra Walker W/ DreamCorps

City Within a City:
Ell SF Gallery, St. Lightning Shop, SF Urban Film Festival, NOMA, CounterPulse, Unity Council, Tenderloin Museum, Red Bay Coffee, Make Do Market, Dream Corps, Red Poppy Art House, Open Architecture Collaborative, Back on My Feet and more!


Anna Muessig

Anna is an Urban Planner specializing in creative placemaking, cultural programming, and economic development. She is passionate about making cities more inclusive through the intersection of urban policy, design, and cultural programming. Her previous projects range from investigating the impact of Minneapolis’ creative economy, urban strategy for New Orleans commercial corridors, the urban design of manufacturing in San Francisco and Brooklyn, organizing a Brooklyn food co-op, and a large-scale nighttime public art event in Brooklyn. Anna holds a Masters in City Planning from MIT.

Chris Iglesias

Chris Iglesias is a visionary leader who has dedicated his career to executing a social equity agenda through innovative and strategic public-private partnerships. As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Unity Council (TUC), he leads one of East Oakland’s most vital community assets—a 53-year-old social equity development organization devoted to improving the quality life for the residents of the largest Latino neighborhood in the Bay Area—Oakland’s Fruitvale District—through a place-based economic and intergenerational equity agenda.

Clair Farley

Clair Farley is a community leader, writer, and trans advocate. She is the Director of Economic Development at the San Francisco LGBT Center. Established in 2004, the San Francisco LGBT Community Center’s Economic Development Department is the first initiative in the nation to comprehensively address the economic barriers faced by low- and moderate-income LGBT individuals and families.

Clair works across the country and internationally to advocate for increased visibility of LGBT communities. Her story is highlighted in several films showcased on Netflix and National Geographic. She was invited to White House to participate in the inaugural LGBT Innovation Summit and in 2015 was recognized as a “Soldier of Social Change” in the SF Magazine’s Annual Women in Power Issue.

Rosa Sheng

Rosa hasn’t been afraid to speak her mind throughout her career. Once, while working on a California-based project from her former firm’s Pittsburgh office she boldly suggested that the client relocate the team instead of flying back and forth for meetings. Her team laughed at the idea but the client thought it was great and they moved. “That experience was an affirmation to stand up for what you believe in and don’t be afraid to speak up and ask the stupid question,” suggests Rosa. As the Founding Chair of Equity by Design, a national movement created by the American Institute of Architects San Francisco Chapter to advocate for equitable practices and pay in architecture, she has continued to speak up regarding professional issues that move her. Whether Rosa is leading the profession into new and just directions in practice or project work, she is a strong, hands-on designer and project manager with an ability to build consensus and solve complex problems for a diverse range of clients.

Tamyra Walker

Tamyra has 10 years of youth development experience as an impassioned STEM educator and is fueled by an altruistic belief in equity for all who is wish to join the STEM community. Her diverse experience in education spans across classrooms in Dallas, Greece, and Oakland, and includes STEM program and curriculum development as well as teacher leadership and professional development. She is also a featured educator on a Stanford University Massive Open Online Course on formative assessment. Advocacy for tech equity has been a natural progression from being a STEM educator in schools that primarily serve African American and Latino youth. The lessons learned about the role of responsiveness and empowerment of identity when cultivating inclusive STEM-focused environments has been invaluable in her acting role as the Director of Recruitment andRetention for #YesWeCode. Tamyra holds a BA in Sociology from Howard University and a MS in Mathematics Teaching and Learning from Drexel University.



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