Future/Canvas 2: The Emerging Medium of iPad Art

Future/Canvas 2: Opening Party
Date: June 6th, 2011
Time: 8pm – 12am
Tickets: http://futurecanvas.eventbrite.com/

June 6th- June 24th Exhibition Open Hours:
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm-7pm

Exhibition Description:

Future/Canvas is an exploration of the new and flourishing world of art created with the iPad. From paintings and digital art created in applications like Brushes, ArtRage, and Sketchbook Pro, to interactive applications like Gravilux, Uzu, and ARTREE, the iPad has proven to be a powerful canvas with seemingly limitless artistic potential.

The goal of Future/Canvas is to expose people to the world of iPad art and inspire new iPad artists. To achieve this goal we are crafting a gallery experience that showcases a variety of iPad art in a more traditional artistic context. By mounting iPads on walls and in frames we hope to quickly get people past the question of “is it art?” and on to using the iPad to create artwork of their own.

Interactive & Generative Art:

When Scott Sona Snibbe first released Gravilux on the iPad in 2010 it was the latest incarnation of a particle effects project that dated back more than twelve years. After being released as an app for the iPad the project found a new mass audience as hundreds of thousands of copies were downloaded. It reached a far bigger audience far faster than anything like it before.

Credit: Scott Snibbe

The success of Gravilux set off a flood of developers attempting to repeat its success with similar applications. However most fell short as they attempted to copy Gravilux rather than create truly new artistic works. Many however did truly innovate, creating unique new works that earned them similar success to Gravilux.

Credit: Jason Smith

Today there is a wide selection of interactive art applications on the iPad bringing what used to be experimental art you would only see in a cutting edge gallery into the homes of people all over the world. This mass commoditization of a common platform for interactive digital art has implications for all interactive artists. The iPad is a tool for creating art, a display for showcasing art, and a network for distributing art to the masses.

Credit: Hansol Huh

Digital Art & Fingerpainting:

Imagine an infinite canvas – an unlimited surface for painting on, and unlimited supplies for painting with. Now imagine it fits in your pocket or bag so you can take it with you everywhere you go. With the introduction of the iPad this once unthinkable notion of an infinite canvas is now common place and has created a new class of digital artists who create artwork anytime and anywhere.

Artist: Benjamin Rabe

Applications like Brushes, ArtRage, and Sketchbook Pro have made painting far more accessible than it has ever been. Using your finger or a stylus as a brush and the iPad as a canvas, there is no limit to what one can create. And with the direct connection to the internet everything you make can instantly be shared with your friends, family, and anyone else anywhere in the world.

The iPad art movement is truly global. The people creating artwork and art applications on the device are from all over the world and are sharing their creations with people all over the world. Never before has there been an artistic movement that was this rapid and decentralized. The above piece is a great example of this – it is a portrait of Korean iPad artist and developer Hansol Huh, created using Huh’s application “Type Drawing” by iPad artist Julia Kay in San Francisco.

Artist: Julia Kay

And Everything Else Outside of the Lines…

Interactive art and digital art are just two of the many areas where the iPad is becoming involved in art. Many artists have gone outside of the lines to create truly unique works that include the iPad. Case in point is Sandra Rauch, who integrates an iPad directly into her large scale artwork made primarily with silkscreen and acrylic.

Artist: Sandra Rauch

Sandra’s artwork “AngelValleyGate” which highlights the Silicon Valley landscape and includes a 24 carat gold rendition of Steve Jobs is on display at Future/Canvas.

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Gravilux – Scott Sona Snibbe
OscilloScoop – Lukas Girling, Scott Sona Snibbe, Graham McDermott
Electric Sheep – Scott Draves
AngelValleyGate – Sandra Rauch
Uzu – Jason Smith
ARTREE – Hansol Huh
Magic Window – Josh Michaels, Michael Ang, Hal Bergman, Chad Richard
Living Earth – Moshen Chan
Prism – Orion Elinzel

Paintings By:

Matthew Watkins
Benjamin Rabe
Julia Kay
David Newman

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