« Glance Inside the Body » Installation

« Glance inside the body », by Xavier Lucchesi, is an installation inviting the audience to a journey inside human body. Moving from one organ to the other, from skull to veins, from bones to lungs, the public will glance inside the body.

Schedule of Special Events:

○ Friday October 17th, 5:30-10:30PM: Exhibit Opening
○ Saturday 10/18 – Saturday 10/26, 12pm-6pm: Open Hours
○ Sunday October 26th, 3PM: Exhibit Closing

Monumental projections in Gray Area’s new location will reveal how Xavier Lucchesi creates images through a gesture which is not usually linked with the production of images – the gesture of going through matter. The use of X-rays and scanners allow him to transcend opacity and peek inside the unknown with a very graphic rendering.

French artist Xavier Lucchesi is invited by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy to take part in Image as Location, a Bay Area festival reflecting on the future of the image and exploring the relationship between people, pictures, and places.


Xavier Lucchesi

Xavier Lucchesi is a french photographer and has created the series ‘radio portraits’ or ‘interior landscape’ in which all of the images have been captured with a medical scanner. In this way the artist sees, the ‘internal journey of self’. Lucchesi first has the subject’s image captured in an …

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