gray/v: Dakim, Mophono, EToOto, Asonic Garcia, & flatspot_.

gray/v is a spotlight of Bay Area audiovisual artists hosted by Gray Area. All ticket sale profit goes directly to the artists.

All Ages
21+ Bar

Doors at 8pm
11pm Close

Improvisational visual art will intersect and harmonize with experimental hip-hop.

The night’s first performance will be a collaboration between multimedia artist EToOto ( painting with sound ) accompanied by musicians Dakim ( Stones Throw / LEAVING records ) and Asonic Garcia ( SMART BOMB / HRS ). Utilizing sensors and custom pure data patches, EToOto is able to “ trigger when a brush touches with the canvas and manipulate the sound with the movement of drawing. In addition, cooperating with a color sensor module, a color of paint defines a frequency converted from the light intensity, and assigns it as a music key”. EToOto’s improvisational sounds and visuals will float atop Dakim and Asonic Garcia’s own distinctly ethereal style of ambient samples and percussion.

Following that will be a collaborative performance between video artist collective flatspot_. ( SMART BOMB / HRS ) and live experimental electronic musician Mophono (LIQUID AMBER / CB RECORDS / CTB). flatspot_. will be displaying their unique video feedback looping on multiple projectors, with synchronized rhythmical improvisation to Mophono's Experimental Researches of Live Rhythm Electronique™. These include his media-as-instrument “skip on beat” vinyl records and “scratch control voltage” wherein he explores innovative techniques connecting turntablism and analog synthesis.

This evening was curated by Diego Mungia.


Dakim Saadiq

A Detroit native attuned to the progressive continuum, Dakim honors those who laid the path: Ellington, Dilla, Scientist, Monk, and Rza are amongst his sages. He gives forth his own voice to merge with their resonance. Illumination bringing forth evolution through sound.

Yasushi Matsui

EToOto (painting with sound) is a project by Yasushi Matsui to explore a new form of unity through painting with sound. Since 2013, he produced videos, such as “onnon” (2014) and “OnNoN in Spectrum scale” (2016), performed along Dakim and Tamura Fumitake (Bun) Japan tour in 2014, and showcased at the experimental beat event, Smart Bomb in Oakland, California in 2016. He also published DIY programs and tutorial videos on the internet for people to experiment his ideas.

Asonic Garcia

Asonic Garcia is a producer and sound designer from the Bay Area, California. He works in the realm of sound healing through textural sonic compositions. He is also the curator and co-founder of Smart Bomb Oakland, a (retro)futurist arts and music community collective/live event platform which was honored in the 2017 YBCA 100 by Yerba Buena Center of the Arts.


Mophono, who set out to master the machines that threatened to be the masters of men, was born in 1976 in the Bay Area. From his early childhood he showed a strong passion for science, math and music. He was to be an inventor/engineer, but music had the greater gravitational pull, and he finally devoted himself to electronic music. Mophono aka DJ Centipede wanted “to take the mystery out of the legend that says electronic music is an art that is esoteric, exclusively reserved for a few initiates, an elite of avant-garde intellectuals and artists” he adds “it deserves to be raised to the level of popular music, a music designed for fun and relaxation” and so Circuit studios was born in Lower Haight, San Francisco for the experimental researches of Thug Jazz and Dirt Wave. While electronic and sample based music matured In the nineties, so did Mophono’s career as the most successful experimental electronic dance music DJ in the bay area. Booked at many of the underground raves until April of 1998 when one Oakland warehouse dance floor collapsed during one of his epic DJ sets, ending an era and starting a new one. DJ Centipede aka Mophono then focused his attention on the growing bay area beat scene, perfected his production and beat juggling skills while promoting San Francisco’s most forward thinking events. Since then Mophono has released two full length albums and a slew of singles giving birth to two new genre’s Thug Jazz and Dirt Wave and a new standard in the record industry called Skip on Beat. Inspired by 60’s psyche and experimental electronic music, Mophono is known for his destructive drum breaks and heavy and orchestral instrumental compositions. With his legendary “Change the Beat” party in San Francisco, Mophono is so deep in the beat culture melting pot he is stirring it. Performing live on Boiler Room with long time partner Gaslamp Killer and sharing the stage with DJ Shadow, Flying Lotus, Amon Tobin, Edan, DJ Food, DJ Krush, Dabrye, Diplo and De La Soul with his Skip on Beat records, drum machines and moogs, Mophono intends to set a new standard in live electronic music performance.


flatspot_. is a group of unnamed individuals based in Oakland, creating both aural and visual loops of various types. The group has focused most recently on the concept of analog video feedback loops as means to build a visual world in which the audio may reside and find comfort. A narrative that underlies the visual and aural components has yet to reveal itself fully to the group, thereby realizing its truest form. However, the group has held onto one truth as a guiding principle since its inception; the simple concept that one only needs a flat space and their imagination to access this world of creation.