with #000000 (Marc Kate), Dax Pierson,
and Marcus Leitner

Join us for GRAY/V, an evening of electro acoustic sounds and improvisational visuals synchronized across three screens.

with #000000 (Marc Kate), Dax Pierson, and Marcus Leitner
Visuals by stevepi and Fetz A/V

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Doors: 7:00PM
Show: 8:00PM – 10:00PM

Sliding Scale: $10 - 30

All ages

Standing performance

No strobe warning

View our FAQ page for more info, or contact us at [email protected] with any accommodation requests.

GRAY/V presents a night of audiovisual collaborations by Bay Area multimedia artists, spotlighting a performance by live electronic musicians #000000 (Marc Kate) and Dax Pierson with visuals by stevepi who will be performing on a unique three screen layout.

The night kicks off with a performance by Berkeley based composer Marcus Leitner. Marcus Leitner's music is grounded in his background in writing music for cinema, fusing dark synthesizer drones and sequences with acoustic instrument samples to create a dark ambient soundscape. Joining Marcus is visual artist Fetz A/V, who will be creating abstract and fractured visuals.

This evening is curated by Andre Duque.

GRAY/V is a showcase of Bay Area audiovisual artists hosted by Gray Area. All ticket sale profit goes directly to the artists.

Banner and logo design by Jye Yang.


Marc Kate

Marc Kate

Originally trained as a filmmaker and visual artist, San Francisco based producer and composer Marc Kate applies cinematic and conceptual approaches to music and audio production. As a response to the tech culture assault on San Francisco (and the world), Kate takes up the tools of the trade — computers and synthesis — and slyly counter-attacks, imbuing humanity precisely where humanity is being evacuated. He creates a counterpoint to tech’s speed and greed — slow, immersive, materialist, drifting. But Kate also draws from his history in San Francisco’s synth-punk and techno scenes, emerging to create stripped-down, static experiments in synthesis. He leads the electronic post-punk band Never Knows and has released solo material on over two dozen labels including Jacktone, Loöq, Air Texture and Dragon’s Eye Recordings and his own imprints Untitled & After and Failing Forms. In 2018, he formed the Synth Doom project My Heart, an Inverted Flame with drummer Andee Connors.

Dax Pierson

Dax Pierson is an experimental digital music producer known for pushing boundaries and blending genres. They incorporate Apple iOS devices into their creative process, providing a more accessible workflow and cost-effective option. With their body primarily paralyzed due to quadriplegia, Dax's fine motor skills are limited. However, they utilize these devices to create unique sonic tapestries that inspire listeners to dance, nod their heads, or simply immerse themselves in the music. Dax is recognized for their collaborative efforts and love for live performances, either as a listener or a player. They invite audiences to join them on a transformative musical journey where self-expression and innovation take center stage. Dax's sound encompasses a diverse range of influences, incorporating synthesizer and drum machine programming from various subgenres, drawing inspiration from street and academic electronic music. Additionally, they incorporate field recordings of doctors' appointments and the durable medical equipment in their home, which serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment in their life. Dax approaches their work through a multi-hyphenate cultural lens, embracing their identities as a black, queer, and disabled artist. While their compositions are primarily instrumental, they strive to infuse their work with the creative essence of these aspects. After a challenging period of managing and recovering from invasive surgeries and chronic complications lasting over three and a half years, Dax is currently delving into the performative aspects of Logic Pro for iPad, released in June 2023. This exploration involves live improvisation and the performance/remixing of tracks from their previously released album, utilizing loops sourced from the original album's multitracked stems. Looking ahead, Dax envisions a seamless integration of their generative compositional practice with improvisational and performative elements, combining AUM and Logic Pro for iPad with their extensive 13-year experience using Ableton Live since 2006. Their ultimate aim is to create a more engaging and immersive experience for themselves and their audience during live performances. Dax's career as a keyboardist and sample smasher came to an abrupt end after a tour accident in 2005 caused by black ice on the road. This incident left them unable to continue their involvement with art bands like Subtle (Lex Records/Anticon collective) and 13 & God (The Notwist/Subtle members). However, it led Dax to pursue a more self-engaging and immersive listening experience. In collaboration with Dark Entries and Ratskin, Dax released their solo album "Nerve Bumps (a queer divine dissatisfaction)" in 2021. Join Dax on their transformative musical odyssey, where accessibility and self-expression take center stage.

Marcus Leitner

Straddling the world of Western Art Music and Electronic Music, Berkeley-based composer Marcus Leitner has a rich history combining acoustic and electronic instruments to create highly textural and evolving soundscapes. Combined with his work as a media composer, Marcus works dark sound design, deep low drones, and processed sound into music that evokes a dystopian landscape. These sound worlds not only envelop the listener but also guide them on a journey through sound and space. A recent graduate from UC Santa Cruz's music program, Marcus Leitner has worked on several short films for directors around the Bay Area, as well as participated in NYU's summer screen scoring workshop, and planning on attending a master's program in composition in the fall. A long-time electronic music producer, he is an expert user of Ableton, Logic Pro X, VCV Rack, as well as numerous hardware instruments.

Steven Piasecki

Steve Piasecki (stevepi) is an artist who finds inspiration in the landscapes that we inhabit and in the technology that we create. The impact of what humans make and how they alter their landscapes is a major theme of his work. He has been making and showing work at Gray Area since 2019. His work has also been seen at the Lone Star, Gays Hate Techno, Light.Wav, and Dada Bar. With experiences from running small underground events to leading web development teams to helping run large global marketing campaigns, Steve has led a variety of teams and managed many different kinds of projects. As Venue Operations Manager, he brings all those experiences to Gray Area to help support the creative dreams that we bring into existence. Along the way, he has encountered almost every kind of situation, so he brings a unique perspective on how art, life, and a good party can come together to create community.

Fetz A/V

Fetz A/V is a live visual artist & VJ from the Bay Area California. They stepped out from behind the scenes of the music industry after 10+ years working major festivals (Coachella, EDC, Lighting In A Bottle etc), events, and managing venues to emerge and evolve into a live visual artist. Growing up alongside digital technology as the last of the analog generation, they embrace both the analog and digital tools. Their work is a fusion of these two contrasting worlds. As a hybrid analog and digital artist they blend retro video game hardware and analog video equipment with digital processing, and glitch aesthetics. They keep the analog soul alive, giving new life to “outdated” technology. As of 2023 they live in San Francisco and are the house VJ at Public Works. They have performed at: DNA Lounge, Public Works, Grey Area, Soundwave Studios, Noisebridege, Burning Man, Renascence Festival 2022, POW (8bit SF), and MagWest 2022 & 2023. Their goal is to elevate the art form and status of visual artists working behind the scenes to enhance the music and event experience.

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