Moritz von Oswald: Akklamation

Doors 8pm // Show 9pm
Seated performance
All Ages

On January 24, legendary electronic music innovator Moritz von Oswald presents a new live show. Akklamation is a new performative compositional cosmos for Moritz von Oswald, a piece which sets out to unify the expansive and divergent musical paths of the electronic master. From his origins in the German new wave to his pioneering work in the intersection of dub and various strands of electronic music to his more recent forays into the fringes of experimental music and composition Akklamation serves as an investigation into the future of rhythmic structures, timbral architecture, and an exploration of the psycho-physical effects of repetition.

Moritz von Oswald remains one of the defining figureheads of the so called Sound of Berlin as a member of Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound, Maurizio and as one half of the Borderland duo alongside Juan Atkins. His own music is experimental and abstract, a fusion of electronic and other worldly influences merged in a cosmic combination. As a driving force behind the emergence of dub techno, he is widely considered as pivotal in the progression of electronic music since the early 90s.

Cullen Miller will be performing with a new spectral performance tool for non-linear inharmonic timbres. Prepare to be accosted by dense aperiodic frequencies.


Moritz Von Oswald

Moritz von Oswald

Moritz von Oswald, legendary master of electronic experimentalism and technical exactitude, has an unassailable place in the modern history of forward-thinking music. He founded Basic Channel (with Mark Ernestus) whose releases defined and epitomized various genres, primarily minimal and dub techno, throughout the 90s. As a central figure in the Berlin electronic music scene which coalesced around the Tresor club and label, von Oswald helped initiate and develop the famous Berlin-Detroit-Chicago axis, collaborating with artists in the burgeoning Techno scene across the Atlantic such as Juan Atkins, Eddie “Flashin” Fowlkes, Jeff Mills and many others. As half of both Maurizio and Rhythm & Sound (again with Mark Ernestus) he transformed this new sound in respectively minimal and dub-inflected directions, originating ongoing traditions in electronic music. Von Oswald’s later work builds on his illustrious output from the 90s and 00s - which has now entered the canon of truly original and influential electronic music — expanding it through new projects, collaborations and performances.

Cullen Miller

Cullen Miller

Cullen Miller is a systems artist, spatial-media designer, and composer. His projects vary in nature but typically fall within the spectrum of media architecture, sound design, installation, composition, and systems design. Reared in Detroit, he relocated to San Francisco pursuing curatorial work with Gray Area, SFCMP, and to teach digital signal processing. He currently spends his days designing and engineering systems architecture. He has released recordings under numerous aliases and organizes the concert series, FINITE. His performances and installations have been exhibited internationally in various museums, galleries, and clubs.

Kit Clayton

Kit Clayton

Joshua Kit Clayton, better know by his stage name Kit Clayton, is a San Francisco-based electronic and digital musician and computer programmer. In addition to his musical work, Joshua is a programmer for Cycling '74, where he is responsible for further development of the Max/MSP MIDI/audio programming environment. He is a significant contributor to Jitter as well, a multi-dimensional data set processing and visualizing architecture with applications in audio, video, and 3d graphics, which is part of the multimedia package Max. Clayton uses Max, MSP, and Jitter extensively in his own abstract musical compositions, which have been described as including aspects of ambient computer music and glitch. Clayton continues to compose, perform and further develop Max, MSP, and Jitter.

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