Nuit Blanche: Gaîté Lyrique x Gray Area

A night of live audiovisual performances spotlighting local electronic music artists.

Live Audiovisual Performances by:
Christina Chatfield x Jono Brandel
Russell E.L. Butler x Ian Colon
BLEIE x Chelley Sherman

Gaîté Lyrique, Paris
3 Bis Rue Papin, Paris
Saturday, October 5, 2019
9pm – 4am

For Nuit Blanche, Gray Area Artistic Director and Founder Josette Melchor has curated a selection of leading audiovisual performances from the Bay Area. The selection represents a balance of styles and backgrounds, sharing hidden gems of San Francisco and Oakland on an international stage.

On October 5, the artists will transform Paris digital art center Gaîté Lyrique into a 360° dancefloor brought to life by live audiovisual performances. We are honored to collaborate with Gaîté Lyrique who shares our artistic vision.

Christina Chatfield x Jono Brandel

Russell E.L. Butler x Ian Colon

BLEIE x Chelley Sherman


Christina Chatfield

Born to Midwestern environs, Christina Chatfield has made the Bay Area her adoptive home. A lifelong musician, she studied synthesis at Berklee College of Music, leading towards her career as a professional sound designer. Her musical upbringing has surely influenced her sound, mellifluous and effortlessly kinetic, designed for consumption and expansion at once. Her psychedelic acid techno sets – performed live on an array of gear – are familiar to dancers in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and beyond. A resident of the Bay Area's venerated As You Like It event series, she's a consummate live artist, each performance tailor-made to its own specifications. Her focus on live practice might explain her relatively few releases: her discography so far is limited to 12"s on Detroit's Beretta Grey and Chicago's God Particle. But in 2019, Chatfield is busy, releasing an acid techno EP on new label Seeder Records and an EP of slower-tempo club sounds on Left Hand Path, followed by her debut album, a cosmic exploration of ambient techno moods, on lauded New York imprint Mysteries of the Deep.

Jono Brandel

Jono Brandel is an Emmy award winning graphic designer and computer programmer. He comes from mixed heritage, an American of Filipino and Polish descent. As such Jono pairs distinct subjects to frame his creative process. These combinations range from latin and emojis through typography and animation to lithography and pixel sorting. While pairings vary, there is always a consistent and accessible tenor to the digital and physical objects he produces. This attention to detail allows people to access complex subject matters including positivism, the collision of black holes, and music composition. Jono’s work offers considered respite from the fatigue of the attention economy.

Russell Butler

Russell Butler is a non-binary experimental artist and DJ based in Oakland, California. Originally from Bermuda, Russell has developed a process of improvisation that draws from a rich cultural history rooted in their island home and the black, queer diaspora. Russell’s unique performative approach to modular synthesizers can be heard over several albums and eps, most recently, The Home I’d Build For Myself and All My Friends released on San Francisco label Left Hand Path in 2018 and Petty released on Spectral Sounds in 2019.

Ian Colon

Ian Colon is an artist and curator originally from Miami, FL who now resides in San Francisco, CA. Passionate about creating alternative venues, he currently runs Feedback Gallery, an arts space hosted in his apartment dedicated to introducing siloed communities to each other. Ian Colon and Russell Butler met on the first day of university almost fifteen years ago and have been collaboratively creating music videos ever since.


Based out of San Francisco, Sarah Bly produces and performs hardware and computer based experimental electronic music under her ancestral Norwegian name BLEIE. Inspired by xenofeminism, nature, and the practice of shikantaza, her sounds range from mercurial noisescapes and meditative drones to a more cerebral and singular techno. Her work is both a personal sublimation made public, and an attempt to mutate predominant narratives. As such, there is a purposefully organic flow to her music, in which elements are allowed to bleed through the composition like watercolors.

Chelley Sherman

Chelley Sherman is a virtual artist from San Francisco. Her work is governed by patterns and texture which harness the neural systems that underlie enthrallment in darkness, ritual, reverie. Her practice consists of experiments in extended realities, virtual and augmented, as well as interactive sound installations and AV performances. Using computational methods and researching cognitive processes of perception, she explores the relationship between light and sound and resulting psychoacoustic effects in spatial sonic architectures and landscapes.


Gaîté Lyrique

La Gaîté Lyrique is dedicated to digital culture and holds exhibitions, workshops, concerts, talks and screenings. As a mix between an art gallery, a concert venue and a place of artistic creation, La Gaîté Lyrique promotes new forms of media. TV and radio programmes are regularly exhibited on their 'Media Platform.'