Of Here From There | De Aquí Desde Allá With Ana Teresa Fernández & Creativity Explored

Ana Teresa Fernández, Creativity Explored, and Gray Area present Of Here From There | De Aquí Desde Allá, the first large-scale digital installation featuring Creativity Explored artists with developmental disabilities.

Created in partnership with Ana Teresa Fernández, the virtual installation immerses visitors with fantastical, large-scale sculptures with time-lapse videos showing the process of mark-making by over 50 CE artists. Sculptural surfaces provide an original format for the undulating brush strokes, depicting a series of original artworks created in real-time.

Keeping true to its physical debut in 2020, the online installation incorporates an interactive virtual experience. A virtual walkthrough with Fernández, performances, and archival elements from its opening event bring the visitor into an immersive digital world.

“Their voices are their marks, their depictions,” Fernández notes. "Their work is how they narrate or explain how it is they see the world. And through this collaboration, we wanted to recreate their magical landscape. A moment where we can be and exist in that world of marks."

Opening Reception & Tour

Friday, May 6, 2021

5:30 pm to 7:00 pm: Explore the installation together on New Art City

6:00pm: Tour and discussion with artist Ana Teresa Fernández on Zoom - registration required. Register on Eventbrite to receive the link.

About the project

The videos capture the artists’ drawing processes, from Jose Nuñez’s dense repeating bird figures to the growing labyrinths of lines of Roland Record. These images multiply and spread quickly over the white surfaces of the giant flowers, a massive cloud, starfish with cowboy boots, and a flock of eyeballs designed by CE artists in the installation.

In 2019, Fernández facilitated more than 15 art making workshops at Creativity Explored as a visiting artist-in-residence, initially exploring ideas of movement, migration, home, and place with the artists. But Fernández’s vision evolved as she became increasingly interested in their very personal visual vocabularies and intricate mark-making, documenting every step of the artists’ artmaking process. Examples of the 70 videos that will be used in the installation are available through Creativity Explored’s Instagram profile. More videos and information about the process behind the exhibition are documented on the Creativity Explored Tumblr.

The inaugural installation first opened on March 6, 2020 at San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). That following week, the city of San Francisco went into lockdown and the installation was halted abruptly, preventing most of the public from experiencing the live event. More than one year later, the installation has once again evolved and is now reimagined into an immersive online experience where it will live indefinitely and be accessible globally.

The installation will be on view from May 6, 2021 online and accessible at New Art City’s website. The virtual experience will include live performances and archived performances from its preceding physical premiere by poet Leticia Hernández Linares, dancer Vanessa Sanchez (La Mezcla), and musician Tommy Guerrero.

Of Here From There | De Aquí Desde Allá is generously supported by Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Grants for the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, and California Arts Council.

Featured Artists

Ada Chow
Alexander Yeap
Allura Fong
Ana Maria Vidalon
Andrew Bixler
Andrew Li
Anne Slater
Camille Holvoet
Claus Groeger

Corine Raper
Daniel Green
Donald Gruneisen
Ethel Revita
Gabriel Maduena
Gerald Wiggins
Hung Kei Shiu
Irene Rivas
James Miles

JD Green
Jesus Huezo
John Iwaszewicz
John Patrick McKenzie
Jose Nuñez
Kaocrew "Yah" Kakabutra
Katherine Finn-Gamino
Kathy Wen


Ana Teresa Fernández

Ana Teresa Fernández, born in 1980 in Tampico, Mexico, lives and works in San Francisco. Her work explores the politics of intersectionality through time-based actions and social gestures, translated into masterful oil paintings, installations and videos.

Within her work, performance becomes a tool for investigation as strong feminist undercurrents flow together with post-colonial rhetoric. Through her work, the artist illuminates the psychological and physical barriers that define gender, race, and class in Western society and the global south.

Fernández has exhibited at the Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO, the Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, NV, Arizona State University Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ, the Grunwald Gallery at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, Humboldt State University, Eureka, CA; the Tijuana Biennial, Tijuana, Mexico; Snite Museum at Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, IN; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, CA and The Oakland Art Museum, Oakland, CA.

Creativity Explored

Creativity Explored is a studio-based collective in San Francisco that partners with people with developmental disabilities to celebrate and nurture the creative potential in all of us.

New Art City

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