Patch Pulse: Lealani & Brin

Tune in to Patch Pulse, a new series of livestreamed A/V performances spotlighting experimental multimedia artists Lealani and Brin.

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Patch Pulse presents a night of audiovisual collaborations by multimedia artists. On May 29, tune in for special live performances by button smashing pop songstress Lealani and live experimental electronic musician Brin.

This event will be livestreamed online for free. Ticket sales go towards directly supporting the artists & Gray Area — please considering contributing what you can.




As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Lealani blends together electronic, synth pop, indie rock and more for a singular sound. The sonic palette of her debut contains an expansive terrain, glued together through unique vocal cadences and lyricism that make every song glow with mysticism.



Brin is the solo project of Portland, Oregon based percussionist & sound artist, Colin Blanton. Blanton warps, layers and contorts his samples through sensory percussion to create hypnotic rhythmscapes that bend & tumble through intimate, vignette worlds. Dimensional percussives with gelatinous sonics blend into a blanket of ambience composed of vibrational pools of VHS static. Like an audio journal sourced from his surroundings, Loose Leaf is the personification of the northwest rainy season filtered through a dusty Tascam.

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